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Brainstorming brainstorming
It's time for yet another loan promo and you're stuck looking at a blank piece of paper. You've got nothing. Nada. Zilch. Zip. You could really use the collective input of multiple minds, riffing on anything that pops in their heads, all focused on a single subject. You really need  Read More >
The least you can do is listen
Yesterday, I got a survey from the health insurance company my wife and I used last year. I was very happy to see it because I would finally have the chance to communicate my towering displeasure. Someone, somewhere, would receive the full benefit of my low opinion of their operation. ( Read More >
Maybe it’s time to ditch the RFP
Let's say you have a big, important project in mind and you'll need to hire a vendor. So the first thing to do is get a committee together, lay out all the specifications in as much detail as possible, then send out a Request For Proposals (RFP) to a wide Read More >
If it’s your member’s problem, it’s your problem
A little while back, I noticed an interesting article from the folks over at Callahan about a credit union in Florida (Manatee Community CU) that put together a unique program to help people who needed reliable transportation. The credit union provides the loans (at risk-appropriate rates), Enterprise supplies low-cost used Read More >
One million seconds is HOW long?
Most people are lousy with numbers. Especially big ones. Numbers like millions, billions or trillions are simply hazy notions of REALLY big numbers for most people. Add a dollar sign in front of those numbers and you may actually see their eyes glaze over. That is, unless you put those  Read More >
Millennials: No Car, No House, No CU Income?
My youngest son sort-of-hates cars. Sure, Grandma's-hand-me-down-Buick helps him get around town when he comes back to visit family. But that's also a big reason why he plans to always live in a city with a decent mass transit system. He doesn't want to own any car, or make monthly Read More >
177 Minutes a Day
177 minutes a day. That's almost three hours of every day. That's how much time the average American spends on their mobile device each day. That's twice as much time as what I wrote at the end of 2012, which was already twice as much than two years previous. Yet I still Read More >
The electric car experience
A little over four years ago (September 2010), I wrote an article speculating on how electric vehicles (EVs) might affect credit unions. After all, car loans are still the bread and butter for CUs, and EVs are bound to be part of the mix. At the time, the Nissan Leaf Read More >
How will you change the world in only 5 years?
I've always been amazed at how the Beatles completely changed America's taste for music in just 5 short years. It was a culture shift that hasn't been equalled since. Now, I admit I'm a huge Beatles nerd. I was just a kid when they were in their heyday, but I discovered  Read More >
Take an active role in member security
When we build a credit union web site, we get a lot of questions related to compatibility with older browsers. Depending on who you ask and what numbers you believe, somewhere between 2% to 8% of the general public is still using very old versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 8 or Read More >