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Dare to be human
Go take a look at the web sites or marketing materials for a few extremely large companies. Take your pick -- banks, car makers, restaurants, retailers, or manufacturing. Check out their social media postings. Where are the people? The real people, not the retouched unrelated models portraying the Perfect American Read More >
When it’s a matter of Trust
While we do a lot of work for a lot of credit unions, occasionally we have the opportunity to work with other very special companies. This case study is about the universal theme of trust, something all companies (and credit unions) need to cultivate. ------ We knew that Cole Hardwood Read More >
How to turn your CFO into Marketing’s BFF
Be honest. Are you BFFs with your CFO? Or do you have to fight for every penny and justify every expenditure? Ever been blindsided by a budget cut? The struggle between Marketing and Finance goes back to the days of cave painting, but it doesn't have to be that way. Read More >
United by a single shared interest
I admit it, we always encouraged our boys to be true to their inner nerd. Why? Because nerds rule the world. More importantly, nerds also use their imagination in creative ways, often becoming absorbed in thoroughly exploring one interest after another. Growing up, my boys went through multiple phases where Read More >
Is Free just another word for Not Worth Paying For?
"Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose,Nothin' don't mean nothin', honey, if it ain't free." -- Janis Joplin As designers and marketers, we get hit up all the time for free work. This charity needs a logo and this non-profit wants a website and this friend really Read More >
No more lousy CU names
Too many credit union names sound like they were decided by a committee of accountants a long, long, long time ago. In fact, that's exactly how most of them got their names. Add in the fact that every credit union name has to drag along the words "Credit Union" or " Read More >
Can you taste the local difference?
Last week, I noticed a cool new package in the freezer at the grocery store. No-nonsense, retro-yet-high-tech, and irresistible next to the generic plastic bags. Priced only a little bit higher than the generic sweet corn from who-knows-where. What it contained was sweet corn. Indiana bicolor sweet corn. I visited Read More >
How to control deadlines instead of letting them control you.
You know that you have that one project to do. It's there, hanging over your head like the black cloud that always followed Joe Btfsplk* around Li'l Abner strips. But you don't really want to do that project. Maybe it's too difficult, looks like it will take too long, or Read More >
A brand too far… or not far enough.
Every month, at least two emails arrive from AT&T to warn me that the month's mobile phone payment will be extracted from my checking account on the 24th. That's well and good, but these emails do not contain the one piece of information I actually need -- the Read More >
Why do so many CU websites look like garage sales?
Does this sound like your home page? Advertising banners squeezed in everywhere, blinking, flashing, rotating, and screaming for attention. Dire warnings about phishing and hacking appear but never seem to go away. Hundreds, if not thousands of words crammed into every banner and every available space. An urgent notice about Read More >