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Case Study: Activating those pesky inactive accounts
PROBLEM: Every credit union has them; accounts that simply go dormant. Sometimes it's because they moved, sometimes they simply paid off a loan and forgot they had other money in their accounts. Whatever the reason, CDC FCU needed to get these members to respond and re-engage, and they needed to Read More >
Everyone wants my opinion, but no one respects my time.
Just look at my yesterday: I bought some clothes at the store and the clerk kept me waiting while she found a pen in order to circle the web site link on the receipt -- so that I would know where I could share "my retail experience." At a drive-thru Read More >
CUs: people are searching for you, not your products
Here's a remarkable little fact specific to credit union web sites: we've found very consistently that well over 99% of the clicks coming from organic search are simply variations on the credit union's name. (For example, "ABC Credit Union", "ABCFCU", or "ABC CU".) In other words, people who find credit union Read More >
Four facts that may rock your world
Plenty of CEOs and Boards act as if nothing has changed in the 70+ years since their credit union was founded, and that it will probably continue along as it has for another 70+ years. (Insert mental pic here of CEO with feet up on desk, eyes half closed.) I'd tell them Read More >
It’s a small (screen) world, after all.
How your web site looks on the small screen now matters more than how it looks on your desktop. 80% of online users have a smart phone, over half of visitors are using them for the web, and that percentage will continue to grow. If your site isn't mobile-friendly, Google is Read More >
Those pesky misbehaving humans
I'm currently reading a very interesting new book called Misbehaving: The Making of Behavioral Economics by Richard Thaler. Thaler is an economics professor who became inordinately interested in those curious, messy, illogical, maddening creatures called "Humans" sometime in the '70s. Economists then -- and now -- prefer to deal Read More >
Get the latest SharediDiz book free!
We've just published our third SharediDiz book, Even More SharediDiz. If you've ever longed for a version of SharediDiz that doesn't require wires, wifi, or batteries, now's your chance. Just fill out the form below and we'll rush your free copy straight to your door (while supplies last)! Quick, send Read More >
What if you weren’t allowed to buy what they were selling?
Have you ever felt like you weren't allowed to buy what they were selling? About a week ago my wife and I were wandering around downtown Asheville with our NC friends. One of our group was excited to see that a small "Scottish" shop was open, since she had tracked Read More >
Language lessons
In many parts of the US, a significant portion of the people speak another language. Even if these folks are also fluent in English, using a "home" language can be a great way to connect and build trust. Over time, we've learned a few interesting lessons about developing and maintaining Read More >
Emotional escalation
Long ago (but not so far away) I worked at a mental hospital while I was finishing college. And I loved it -- the job was incredibly interesting and challenging. Endless variety every day, and a lifetime of great stories. Of course, I learned a lot of things doing that Read More >