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Even a cobbler’s kid gets new shoes, eventually
After years of crafting responsive web sites that fit and look good on our clients, iDiz management has finally gotten tired of listening to the staff's whining and allowed them to create a new web site. It's got plenty of pictures of our creative work for credit unions, Read More >
What are your mid-year resolutions?
New Year resolutions are pretty popular, but I've never been a fan. Just when weeks of holidays (bah, humbug) have drained every drop of money, time, and motivation, the days are shortest, and the weather at its worst, I'm expected to start some new life initiative? No thanks. But now Read More >
Feeeeed Meeeeee!
It's insatiable, constantly craving more, never satisfied with what it had. Always looking for something new. Something fresh. Something mmMMEEAATY (said in a rumbly, low, carniverous, vegetative voice). No, I'm not actually talking about Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors. I'm talking about how that blog you innocently started, Read More >
Your brand deserves more than “not horrible.”
As a Creative, you brainstorm, write, rewrite, design, rework, and generally put your heart and soul into your work. You fixate on building your brand to be one-of-a-kind, and have probably spent the last several years telling people how different you are from your competition. You've likely spent hours and Read More >
What does “mobilegeddon” really mean for CU web sites?
Depending on what sort of news you're plugged into, you've probably already seen the term "mobilegeddon". Perhaps you're wondering whether it's time to panic. Just to be clear, no, it's not time to panic. Step away from the big red button, please. Unless you really feel like getting some exercise Read More >
Focus on people. Ignore “SEO.”
I've sort of danced around this in some previous articles, but here's the bottom line: Stop obsessing over "SEO". Focus your resources on content. I think the term "SEO" is one of the more badly misunderstood concepts on the planet. At the core, there's a common and basic misconception that Read More >
The ad blocker revolution
An interesting (and unintentionally hilarious) article appeared in Adweek recently. The author laments the rise of ad blocking software with strong language ("scofflaws" and "freeloaders", oh my) and frets about the future of Youtube and other ad-supported services. Can Youtube survive if they become a subscription only service? Whatever shall Read More >
Tongue-in-cheek can be hard to understand
It's hard to be understood when you try to talk with your tongue in your cheek. Just ask a well-known CEO of a large NC credit union who posted his take on the SOS state of CU marketing on his blog. Apparently lots of people didn't see his comments as Read More >
How to choose and work with a pro photographer
If you've been stuck in StockPhotoLand for most of your career, you may have never had the opportunity to work with a real photographer. If so, here's a nuts and bolts lesson in how to choose and work with a pro, what to expect, and how to get the results Read More >
InfiniBudget 9000 to revolutionize marketing as we know it
Time and time again, we hear the same laments from our clients: "We just don't have the budget!" "I'd love to do more marketing, but the CFO doesn't believe in ads." "My nephew's class said they'll build our web site for three large pizzas." "The CEO says we need to Read More >