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Here’s a stat for your CFO at budget time
We've been preaching for years that Marketing should drive the bus, not just go for a ride in the back. Now there's a statistic that may actually get your CFO and CEO to pay attention: Ten years ago, if you had invested $10K in design-centric corporations you would have outperformed  Read More >
Make some EMV flavored lemonade
The switch to EMV cards is supposed to be coming in 2015, and everyone's in a tizzy. Merchants are wailing about the potential cost, CFOs are grumpily adjusting next year's budgets, and everyone's wondering if the increased security of that groovy little gold chip will be worth the trouble. What's a Read More >
Name Change Step #1: Getting the CEO on Board
Whenever an organization thinks about a name change, there are lots of emotions and memories that surface. Sometimes those emotions and memories can even become obstacles. Some are relatively minor and are easy to get around, but others can turn out to be insurmountable -- especially when they occur at Read More >
If you give Facebook a pixel…
Recently, Facebook has been asking marketers to install "Facebook Pixel" code to build what they call a "custom audience". This is a piece of Javascript code that you put on each page of your web site. The code enables Facebook to identify Facebook users who visit your site and to Read More >
Meh boss? Maybe it’s you.
You may actually have a lousy boss and work in a toxic environment. If so, then you should run, not walk, to the nearest job exit. But if your Boss is basically okay, yet your job seems to be going nowhere and you don't seem to get the opportunities you Read More >
Five things no one will tell you about web site security
Security sells, so there's no shortage of security advice, products, and scares out there. I've noticed that most articles on the topic of web site security seem to leave out a few important points as they clamor for clicks. Having the right team on your side is more important than Read More >
Does your marketing department deserve more respect?
Your in-house marketing department is likely made up of capable, well-qualified and talented people, yet it may feel that you never get any respect from management or the rest of the company. You seem to get stuck doing all the small, tedious jobs while outsiders are brought in for the Read More >
Five uncommon reasons to rebuild your web site
It's sad to say, but nothing lasts forever -- especially not web sites. Even if nothing is particularly wrong or broken, changes in technology and usage make it worthwhile to revisit your online "front door" every few years. In our experience, web sites need to be refreshed every three to Read More >
Does Marketing drive or go along for the ride?
There are two types of marketing departments: those that drive and those that are passengers. Those that drive understand that Marketing revs the growth engine. Those that simply ride along only go where the driver takes them. Unfortunately, most marketing departments seem to fit in the second category. How about Read More >
Invisible excellence
Last week, I spent a few days motorcycling with some good friends in the beautiful hills of southern Missouri. The Ozarks contain some of the finest riding on the planet -- this area is absolutely stuffed with thousands of deliciously sinuous roads. If you're not a rider, this next bit Read More >