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When your biz name loses its meaning
Ad agencies have a real problem; they don't like being called ad agencies. For most of the people working in the industry today that term should have been left behind, maybe as far back as in the '60's (especially once it was overly-romanticized by the TV series "Mad Men"). Read More >
Case Study: A healthy dose of medical lingo
PROBLEM: Catholic Federal Credit Union added a major new SEG, a hospital with 2,700 potential new members. But how do you catch the attention of all those busy doctors, nurses, aides, and staff working hard to keep the community healthy, all hours of the day? SOLUTION: A Free Financial Check-Up was Read More >
Video is eating the internet (and how to get on the menu)
There are 300 hours of video being uploaded to YouTube every minute. Cisco tells us that by 2019, video will be 80% of all consumer internet traffic, up from 64% in 2014. Video on demand will double by 2019, with over 70% of that HD. Thankfully broadband speeds are supposed to Read More >
Does your marketing calendar pass the Google test?
It's human nature to keep doing the same thing year after year, and Credit Union marketers are no different. CUs tend to push home equity loans in the Spring, car loans in the Fall*, and Visa cards right before the holidays – because they always have. Now if that sounds like  Read More >
Is “marketing” a dirty word?
To most people, "marketing" is a dirty word. To them, it means influencing people to do something that's in your interest, not theirs. It means wheedling, cajoling, shading the truth, over-promising, and pressuring. It means fine print, erasing wrinkles, smoke and mirrors, squirting water on a dry cold cheeseburger to Read More >
Introducing a budget-friendly web site that never gets old.
At iDiz, we understand how hard it is for smaller credit unions to budget enough money to redesign their web site. That's why we are introducing a budget-friendly way to upgrade to a world-class web site that will never go out of date. Now, without tying up large amounts of Read More >
How Marketing is a lot like Football
Sometimes it's tough to be a fan. It's especially frustrating to watch your team lose to their nemesis, that-team-they-can't-seem-to-beat, because they did something so completely stupid that you wonder how the coaching staff still have their blankety-blank-blank jobs. However, after a short night's sleep (why can't they start night games Read More >
Colors really can make a difference.
When we help a client rebrand, we always look at brand colors. Sometimes that entails developing a whole new palette. Or if they have some traditional dark color that they want to use for continuity, we complement that with a few accent colors. That's when the designers in the Marketing Read More >
Motivation from the 2015 CU Water Cooler Symposium
It was a one-two punch for iDiz Inc last week -- Kent attended the East Coast conference, and I went to the 2015 CU Water Cooler in Kansas City. As always, it's great to get out and mingle with the credit union tribe for a fresh dose of motivation. Overall Read More >
Takeaways from the 2015 East Coast Marketing Conference
The mostly-constant sprinkles of rain during the East Coast Marketing Conference were a nuisance, but certainly nothing like the rains the following week (Charleston SC got 11.5 inches in one day, Columbia had 17" in 17 hours). Plus, those gray days did keep attendees (and me) inside instead of on Myrtle Beach, Read More >