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Take an active role in member security
When we build a credit union web site, we get a lot of questions related to compatibility with older browsers. Depending on who you ask and what numbers you believe, somewhere between 2% to 8% of the general public is still using very old versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 8 or Read More >
Big decisions are more successful when everyone understands WHY.
When it comes to big decisions, some people seem to know what to do. They understand the need for a change, and they take it as their personal responsibility. They take the lead, build consensus, and make it happen. What I don't understand are people that let others decide for Read More >
Money isn’t everything – budget time and attention too
What's your total marketing budget? No, not just the number of dollars you spend on media, services, and clicky pens. I'm talking about the other parts of the equation: time and attention. Time + attention + money = total resources. Time, of course, is a combination of staff time (how much Read More >
Happy HoliDiz!
From all signs, it looks like 2015 should be an even better year for credit unions, so be sure to spend lots of time with your loved ones, munch on all of your favorite cookies, unwrap only the presents you really wanted, and enjoy! The new year looks to be busy Read More >
5 New Year’s Resolutions we dare you to make
Every New Year we make resolutions to improve our future; go to the gym, lose weight, get a raise, take that dream vacation, finally pay off the credit know the drill. Lists are written and promises are made (mostly to ourselves, and mostly forgotten within a few days.) Read More >
Are you telling a story or just telling?
A few weeks ago, I noticed this brilliant thought buried in the middle of a relentlessly back-patting article about an ad campaign for pizza. Pete Favat, chief creative officer of Deutsch L.A., said this (I added the bolding):  "I think the best work in our industry has some tension Read More >
Here’s a stat for your CFO at budget time
We've been preaching for years that Marketing should drive the bus, not just go for a ride in the back. Now there's a statistic that may actually get your CFO and CEO to pay attention: Ten years ago, if you had invested $10K in design-centric corporations you would have outperformed  Read More >
Make some EMV flavored lemonade
The switch to EMV cards is supposed to be coming in 2015, and everyone's in a tizzy. Merchants are wailing about the potential cost, CFOs are grumpily adjusting next year's budgets, and everyone's wondering if the increased security of that groovy little gold chip will be worth the trouble. What's a Read More >
Name Change Step #1: Getting the CEO on Board
Whenever an organization thinks about a name change, there are lots of emotions and memories that surface. Sometimes those emotions and memories can even become obstacles. Some are relatively minor and are easy to get around, but others can turn out to be insurmountable -- especially when they occur at Read More >
If you give Facebook a pixel…
Recently, Facebook has been asking marketers to install "Facebook Pixel" code to build what they call a "custom audience". This is a piece of Javascript code that you put on each page of your web site. The code enables Facebook to identify Facebook users who visit your site and to Read More >