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It’s hard to read the label from inside the jar.
It's obvious you're different. You have the best staff, the best products, the best rates, and no one else is so completely devoted to their members. Absolutely no one can compare to you, and, frankly, you should have members willing to pay extra just to get in. Of course, you're Read More >
A great web site is a process, not a project
Your new fantabulous mobile-friendly web site is launched, the accolades are pouring in, and your CEO is beaming like a proud parent. Time to relax with a few margaritas, declare victory, and move on to something else, right? Wellllll... sort of. One of the greatest things about web sites is Read More >
Case Study: Wacky Works Wonders
PROBLEM: How do you keep your crazy-low car loan rates top-of-mind for members scattered across the country? After all, they're constantly barraged with advertising from the other guys, not to mention dealer and factory financing deals. You need something special to cut through the clutter. SOLUTION: There's an old saying " Read More >
How to manage creatives without crushing them
Creative people are some of the most frustrating, talented, nerve-wracking, and amazingly wonderful people I know. And I should know, having worked with, hired and managed a whole bunch of them over my career. So when a CEO recently asked me how I was able to get them to do Read More >
I’d rather have the dirt shower
If you're a motorcycle enthusiast, MotoGP weekend is a great time to be in Indy. In case you didn't know, MotoGP is the premier international motorcycle race series, similar to Formula 1 for cars. MotoGP means the absolute best riders in the world and the absolute latest and greatest in motorcycle Read More >
Case Study: On-Hold Messages are a branding opportunity
PROBLEM: No one likes to be placed on hold. Especially when a recorded message repeatedly says how much "our company truly cares about you" and "someone will be with you very shortly." It's no wonder people are a bit ticked off when someone finally does pick up the call. SOLUTION: Read More >
Case Study: Activating those pesky inactive accounts
PROBLEM: Every credit union has them; accounts that simply go dormant. Sometimes it's because they moved, sometimes they simply paid off a loan and forgot they had other money in their accounts. Whatever the reason, CDC FCU needed to get these members to respond and re-engage, and they needed to Read More >
Everyone wants my opinion, but no one respects my time.
Just look at my yesterday: I bought some clothes at the store and the clerk kept me waiting while she found a pen in order to circle the web site link on the receipt -- so that I would know where I could share "my retail experience." At a drive-thru Read More >
CUs: people are searching for you, not your products
Here's a remarkable little fact specific to credit union web sites: we've found very consistently that well over 99% of the clicks coming from organic search are simply variations on the credit union's name. (For example, "ABC Credit Union", "ABCFCU", or "ABC CU".) In other words, people who find credit union Read More >
Four facts that may rock your world
Plenty of CEOs and Boards act as if nothing has changed in the 70+ years since their credit union was founded, and that it will probably continue along as it has for another 70+ years. (Insert mental pic here of CEO with feet up on desk, eyes half closed.) I'd tell them Read More >