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Consuming life, one chunk at a time.
Our life is fragmented. Our attention span is short. Our phones have become permanently attached, which means we are always accessible to the world, with tech (Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and email) just a tap away. Life keeps us moving, pulling us this direction one minute, another direction the next, Read More >
How to update your brand without losing your roots
PROBLEM: Park View FCU wanted to to update their brand without losing their connection to their history, not to mention their roots within the Anabaptist community. SOLUTION: iDiz was able to design a new logo whose shape echoes elements of the quilt design in their former logo, with a strong Read More >
Radar Watch: WhatchuNeed2know
Like you, we get inundated by info from all kinds of sources. Who has the time to read everything? Here's a quick list of what we think Smart Marketers like you need to know: Online Gamers are a huge target audience, and if you think I'm being sarcastic or anti-fat, Read More >
When it comes to budgeting for web sites, you’re doing it wrong.
Here's why: Your web site is more visible than your branches. Your active members see your site multiple times a month, paying bills, checking balances, and transferring between accounts. Even non-members check your site before coming in your branches. It's your 24-hour connection with the rest of the world. It's Read More >
Market research, Google style
A few months back, I installed an app called Google Opinion Rewards on my phone. Every so often (usually a few times a week) I get a notice with a quick little survey. Now here's the best part: when I answer the question, I get money! I usually end up Read More >
The next Powerball drawing is over a billion dollars. Lottery machines can't even display the full amount because they weren't manufactured with enough numbers. Everywhere you turn, people are buying as many tickets as they can afford, even if they can't. Powerball has even pushed gun control and pandering politicians Read More >
All I want for Christmas is…
I understand that the holidays have become a make-or-break, crazy-hours, ad blitz time for retailers. I'm used to that. But this year we also have an election under way, which means far too many pandering politicos spouting nonsense and clamoring for our attention. Then, when you add in the fact Read More >
Jingle bells, your browser smells…
In honor of Microsoft pulling the support plug for old browsers next month, we decided to celebrate the season. Everyone knows the tune, so sing along!   Oh, Jingle bells, your browser smells Please update today Malware, spyware, viruses You're helping them to stay!   Clicking through the web, With Read More >
What ad agencies and credit unions have in common
Ad agencies have a real problem; they don't like being called ad agencies. For most of the people working in the industry today that term should have been left behind, maybe as far back as in the '60's (especially once it was overly-romanticized by the TV series "Mad Men"). Read More >
Case Study: A healthy dose of medical lingo
PROBLEM: Catholic Federal Credit Union added a major new SEG, a hospital with 2,700 potential new members. But how do you catch the attention of all those busy doctors, nurses, aides, and staff working hard to keep the community healthy, all hours of the day? SOLUTION: A Free Financial Check-Up was Read More >