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More reflections on the CUNA Marketing & BD Conference (Video Part II)

Here’s another video…

Perhaps it was fitting that the first speaker of the CUNA Marketing & Business Development Council Conference in Washington DC was David Plouffe, Campaign Manager for Barrack Obama’s historical presidential campaign. The way that campaign threw out the rulebook and leveraged the masses is the stuff legends are made of.  And the parallels between that campaign and the history that could be made by CUs right now give me chills.  Here is what I took away from his speech:

1. Find a way to get people involved. Let other people tell your story for you. Make them feel part of something bigger than themselves.

2. Everyday people can make a big difference.

3. You can make the greatest gains by tossing out the rules and starting fresh.  Traditional media has its place, but the greatest gains come from stepping outside the box.

4. Find people with a common purpose and speak to them regularly.

5. Most importantly….Don’t sell policies. Sell hope.

(Here’s the first video.)

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